Opening 4th July 2015 – Sitting sculpture „Ardzack“ Anna Kanai / CH

Zurich-based artist Anna Kanai planned a „sitting sculpture” combining several tetrahedrons made of rammed earth. She had been working for a week in the garden before the opening, creating a precise formwork for her complex object.
After grabbing the forms into the earth, filling them with clay, stamping them and drying them, some of the tetrahedrons were ready.
At the opening the audience had the chance to stamp the forms, too, either with a stamping stick:
Or with their own bare feet:
The week after the opening Anna Kanai continued working in the garden, finishing a completely different artwork, than she planned: she put each single tetrahedron into a big wooden box, opening the lid as much, as needed in order to show the „treasure” inside, made by pure earth.
At the artist talk Anna Kanai was speaking about the great diversity of her artistic and curatorial projects.
After the talk the audience was invited to join a BBQ party.

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