the merkurgarten project

0 Kreuzbühlwiese, Zürich-Hottingen

The Merkurgarten is a neighborhood garden on the Kreuzbühlwiese in Zurich-Hottingen. (between Zeltweg, Merkurstrasse and Kreuzstrasse).It builds on an initiative that realized an herb garden at the same location 15 years ago with the help of the Horticulture Office. The ideas for this project were also inspired by Zurich and international examples of „urban gardening“.

The Merkurgarten is more than just a common cultivated garden bed: cultural events such as exhibitions, festivals, concerts, theater and readings accompany the gardening and put it into a larger context. Those who are simply looking for recreation are also welcome to join in on the activities!

The integration of this location and networking with the surrounding neighborhood are crucial aspects in the design of the project. For example, a study of the allowable soilloads was determined. Strategies for the use of existing resources such as rain water have been developed. The potential for cooperation with neighboring institutions (music school) are being explored. Thus, ongoing fundamental questions of gardening are raised in an urban context and subjected to experimental testing.