Opening 11th April 2015 – „Petit Swiss“ – art sowing of Microcollection / I in collaboration with Hubert Renard / F

Microcollection contains hundreds of fragments of contemporary artworks started in 1990 by Italian artist Elisa Bollazzi. The art fragments are saved from oblivion and most of them visible only under a microscope. Microcollection Art sowings activates a process which changes the way we look at the «art system» in a beneficial way, that stimulates creativity and starts thought-provoking spaces in contemplation of a growing art garden.


Photo: Anna Kanai

Elisa Bollazzi showed for the first time in Zurich her work Cabinet de regard: Petit Swiss to the public, an investigation unit, containing a mikroscope und nine selected fragments of the Art sowing action: Petit Swiss. We enjoyed also her performance showing and explaning us all the items & art fragments sent by the Swiss artists to her.


Elisa1kl     Elisa3kl

Photos: Anna Kanai

During the opening artist Elisa Bollazzi sowed in a public art action fragments of nine Swiss contemporary artists artworks into a gardening box:

Albero diametro 22, 2015 von Veronica Tanzi / Alga Alimenia (lat.Halymenia Dichotoma), 2015 von Miki Tallone / Asphaltflowers, 2012 von Anna Kanai / Brainflowers, 2014 von Zeljka Marusic / Divine pine, 2014 von Mirjam Wanner / It is not intended to be anything but a tree to be seen, 2015 von Hektor Mamet / Lavender, 2015 von Erica Diazoni / Radici, 2015 von Aglaia Haritz / Tree of the knowledge of good only, 2015 von Cetusss.


Photo: Anna Kanai

Each of the art plants reeceived a yellow label with the artists name & title, as well as the year of origin.

Petit swiss_2kl

Photo: Anna Kanai

On the occasion, French artist Hubert Renard, as a botanist, wrote teaching notes, which provide subtle, erudite observations, evoking the properties, qualities and virtues of each species planted in the garden. This way the imaginary art plants can start growing in our heads…

As an example you can read one of the botanical teaching notes on the art plant of Swiss artist Cetuss, translated by the artist himself in collaboration with Elisa Bollazzi. In this text Hubert Renard is joyful combining qualities of artworks by Cetuss with botanical expressions:

Tree of the knowledge of good only, 2015 by Cetusss

„Everywhere and in all season, most robust on wild lands, but more prolific in urban cultivations, Cetusss deserves the hype he generates, and his exhilarating verve thrives especially where we least expect it. Unpredictable, changing, generous, playful, extraordinary, he is often classified among the weeds. His Tree of the knowledge of good only, neither fleeting nor deciduous, will be fruitful if allowed to grow as it pleases.“

At the buffet the Conceptual cake by Elisa Bollazzi pleased the palates, baked by the artist herself following a secret receipe.

Joan Miro once said: „More important than a work of art itself is what it will sow. Art can die, a painting can disappear. What counts is the seed.“


Photo: Ildikó Séra

We got also a wonderful plate full of dairy- and glutenfree cupcakes from Special-bites.


Photo: Ildikó Séra



Elisa Bollazzi



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